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DTSC Challenges Manufacturers to Make Consumer Products Safer

(Posted 03/13/14)


SACRAMENTO -Today, the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) challenged manufacturers of consumer products to make their products safer and change the way consumers are protected from potential toxic harm.  As a key step in its Safer Consumer Products regulations, DTSC is announced three draft "priority products" - consumer goods sold in California that each contain at least one chemical one the toxic chemicals lists announced last October.  DTSC is asking manufacturers to figure out if there's a safer alternative.


The three products are:

         Children's foam padded sleeping products containing TDCPP (chlorinated TRIS), a flame retardant and probable carcinogen that can also cause chronic health effects.


         Spray Polyurethane foam systems containing unreacted di-isocyanates.  SPF systems are used for home and building insulation, weatherization, sealing and roofing. Di-isocyanates can irritate the respiratory tract, cause asthma and cancer and are known skin irritants.


         Paint stripper containing methylene chloride, a known carcinogen and neurotoxin.


DTSC is not banning these products. It is starting a process, requiring manufacturers who want to sell these products in California to search for safer alternatives.  The final list of Priority Products won't be official until a rule-making process is complete, which could take up to a year.


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